Local Collaborators and Stockists

Saltitude Lincoln, RI

Saltitude RI. Sea Salt Cave. Meditation. Halotherapy. Natural Salt spa soap bars

We invite you to sit back and relax in our artistically designed and beautifully handcrafted salt cave, where you will find yourself in a meditative, peaceful, and healing environment, away from the noise of the outside world. 

Constructed with over 9 tons of authentic, pink Himalayan sea salt, our cave simulates the microclimate of the natural mines found in Europe. Saltitude combines the practice of meditation and the benefits of  Halotherapy (Salt Therapy)  to create an incomparable relaxing experience.  

   Saltitude is also the exclusive carrier of our all natural pink grapefruit spa soap bars that rock that sexy pink sea salt!

Simply Natural & More

Rhode Island Natural Soap Co Stockist Simply Natural in Naragansett

Simply Natural is your source for local, organic and sustainable gifts that lift the spirit and indulge the senses.

Located inaide the Pier Marketplace in Narragansett, across from Naragansett Beach, Simply Natural carries a great selection of soaps from Rhode Island Natural Soap Co. View their website to see their other natural and locally made offerings!

Lincoln Gardens - Florist

Lincoln Gardens Florist. Lincoln, RI. carries handcrafted RI Natural Soap Co

Meet the fine folks over at Lincoln Gardens! You certainly won't be disappointed. Their hospitality is unbeatable. (And they make a WICKED bouquet of flowers!)

You can find our Lemongrass scented Honey & Oatmeal Soap, our Namaste Shea Butter soap bar and our fragrance/dye free Goat Milk soap bars here, along with a variety of other locally handcrafted gifts!

They haven't been in business for 43 years for nothing! Go on, give them some love here. Or follow them on Facebook.

WAGS Waiting Animals Get Support

WAGS Waiting Animals get support. Dog Shampoo soap bars. Puppy Paw Protective wax.

WAGS is a nonprofit organization focused on helping at risk, abused or abandoned fur friends.  Their mission is to provide the support needed to help get them out of shelters where they are at risk of euthanasia and help get them into foster and forever homes.

 A portion of the proceeds from every sale of our organic pet products is donated to WAGS in support of their mission to help underprivileged animals. To learn more, click their pic and view their website.

Flying Vee Life Coaching

Flying Vee Life Coaching.

Virginia L'Bassi is a certified Catalyst, an agent of change. Coaching with compassion and hope, she aims to help you remember who you are meant to be. Together, you will forge a path that brings clarity and deeper understanding.

She can help you make a plan to reclaim your joy and step into a truer version of yourself.

To learn more about the services Flying Vee offers or to learn about her upcoming Women's Retreat, click the pic to visit her site.


Melia's Mom Blog. RI.

One of my absolute favorite local mom blogs!! Written by a college girlfriend of mine, Pamela, she walks you through a myriad of subjects from Product Reviews to Parenting, Pinot and Party Planning! This local chick rocks!! So go on, give her some love and bookmark her blog 💗