Soap101 Class Description

Safety First! 

Learn the basics about handling sodium hydroxide lye: purchasing, receiving, storing and handling the raw material and your finished soap projects. Also to be covered is essential oil safety and the handling of all soap making ingredients.

Selecting Oils/Additives and Basic Recipe Writing 

Each oil that we choose to use in our soap recipes is hand selected for its fatty acid profile, ability to remain fluid for swirling and for its skin conditioning/cleansing properties. Learn the basics of selecting your oils and how to begin working with lye calculating software to ensure your soaps are always skin-safe for use.

Hands-On Teaching. Make & Take Your Very Own Batch of Handcrafted Soap!

This is a mix of demonstration and hands-on based training. The teacher will explain and show and then you will have the opportunity to make your own 2lb batch of soap to take home, along with cutting and storage instructions. A variety of resources and additional study materials and links will be provided as handouts throughout the class.